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Activities your coworkers won’t hate, it’s fun

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3 creative corporate team building event themes for any setting.

1. “Kesultanan Melayu Buana”

How it works: Between four of ‘Pembesar Berempat’, only one deserve to be ‘Menteri Utama Buana’. There’s only one way; conquer more ‘Kawasan Pegangan’!

Activities: Complete the mission of this leaders’ group in seeking power to be the number one after Sultan.

Leaders’ Group:

“Penghulu Bendahari”

Background Story: Within the famous land of Nusantara, there is an empire named Kesultanan Melayu Buana that implies Pembesar Berempat system under the Sultan to administer the land.

However, the selection of Menteri Utama Buana is not done as usual. To be chosen as Sultan’s Menteri Utama, Pembesar need to be the one who control the most amount of Kawasan Pegangan.

Every Pembesar has their own followers, but beware, each group has Si Kitol or one of his followers who have the task to betray each of their group. Moreover, one of Pembesar is Si Kitol himself. Good luck, warriors!

2. “The Agents”

How it works: New president going to be enthroned. The agents are tasked to protect the president-to-be whatever the cost. The masked mafias are hiding among the agents. There’s only one way; protect the president!

Activities: Join the mission of these agencies in defending Mr President without knowing who are the agents, who are the mafias.


“Agency A”
“Agency B”
“Agency C”
“Agency D”

Background Story: No one knows who is the new President. The agents do not know. The mafias have no idea.

The only information that been leaked to the public is the President-to-be is an undercover agent in Agency A trying to figure out who are the masked mafias hiding in agencies. It’s an inevitable war.

All parties need to collect bullets to bring down their opponents. More money means more bullets. More bullets means more power. Good luck, agents!

3. “Merchants VS Pirates”

How it works: The battle between merchants and pirates in the strait of buana has been ongoing since ages, and there is still no end. Not until now. The map to lots and lots of treasures were found by a sailor. It’s the legendary ‘Hidden Buana Treasures‘. Whoever possess the most, they’ll be the king of the Strait of Buana. There’s only one way; hunt the treasure!

Activities: Join the hunting experince of these sailors in seeking the treasures to conquer the Strait of Buana.

The Ships:

“Magnificent Sail”


“Whale On The Sea”


“The Fearless”


“Black Diamond”


Background Story: Rumours has it. ‘The lost thing’ has been found. Nobody cannot distract themselves from seeing ‘The Map’. It is said that the ‘Hidden Buana Treasures’ are everywhere within the Strait of Buana and lands around it.

This is a war between the merchants and the pirates. All ships have their own hints collected in years just to prepare for this particular time.

It’s a race to get hints before others. The MISSION is quite simple. More hints, more chances to get to the treasures. Good luck, sailors!

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Additional perks to ease your event planning.

First, tell us the challenges you are having with your team. Then, we will tell you specifically what we can do for you.

Ice-breakers & warm-ups, “challenge-by-choice” team building activities, special time for discussions and reflection after each activity, lots of surprises, & closing celebration.

It varies depending on your choice of program objectives and requirements. We recommend a minimum of 20 people to a maximum of 60 people.

Yes! (We reach out that companies do give permission to release them), and yes, we have terrific referral to include in our packet and you may call them.

We travel often and bring all my “toys” with me. Travel expenses are extra. We make our own travel plans (least expensive I can find).

We may have to ask your participants to leave at the end of the day.

Get 50% discount on your first team building.

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