Team Building; The most important investment.

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3 reasons why choose Buana Kita to host you.

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To get back to nature, 1-hour drive only

Outdoor provides an escape and improve mental health tremendously.

Activities your coworkers won’t hate, it’s fun

Great way to improve communication, moral & motivation.

Authentic N. Sembilan traditional dishes

Level of spiciness may vary. We accommodate meal for kids as well.

Buana Kita provides:

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20 team building activities, games & exercises.

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“Puzzle & Maze”
photo_2022-04-24 01.24.17
“Just a Few Props”
photo_2022-04-24 01.25.22
“Wayang Pacak”
photo_2022-04-24 01.26.52
photo_2022-04-24 01.22.57
“Paint Your State”
photo_2022-04-24 01.31.22
“Dust Volleyball”
photo_2022-04-24 01.29.40
Ping Pong Catch
photo_2022-04-24 01.32.52
“Ready, Set, Action”
photo_2022-04-24 01.34.11
“Giant Jenga”
photo_2022-04-24 01.46.31
“Scavangers Hunt”
photo_2022-04-24 01.35.33
“Sand Time”
photo_2022-04-24 01.48.45
“Dodgy Dodge”
photo_2022-04-24 01.50.25
“Tug Of War 2.0”
photo_2022-04-24 01.52.17
“Wood Camping”
photo_2022-04-24 01.54.51
“Beads & Charms”
photo_2022-04-24 01.57.07
“Barbeque Night”
photo_2022-04-24 02.02.54
“Fly The Fox”
photo_2022-04-24 02.00.58
“Surf & Slide”
photo_2022-04-24 02.06.29
“Team Talk”

Get 50% discount on your first team building.

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Additional perks to ease your event planning.

First, tell us the challenges you are having with your team. Then, we will tell you specifically what we can do for you.

Ice-breakers & warm-ups, “challenge-by-choice” team building activities, special time for discussions and reflection after each activity, lots of surprises, & closing celebration.

It varies depending on your choice of program objectives and requirements. We recommend a minimum of 20 people to a maximum of 60 people.

Yes! We have terrific referral to include in our packet and you may call them.

We travel often and would carry the whole closet with us. Travel expenses are extra. We make our own travel plans (least expensive we can find).

We may have to ask your participants to leave at the end of the day.

Get 50% discount on your first team building.

For fast response, WhatsApp us now!