1. Do you provide shuttle van service?
    We do not provide any shuttle services. You will have to use your own transportation to get from one place to another.
  2. Is there any river in the glamping?
    Yes, you can find an ankle-deep river bank located at our entrance. However, please note that the water tends to be a bit murky.
  3. Can I cook?
    Yes, cooking is allowed but you will have to bring your own utensils and appliances. Make sure to cook only at the designated area to prevent any hazard.
  4. Do you provide Wi-Fi service?
    We don’t provide any specific Wi-Fi. We hope your glamping holiday is an opportunity to disconnect from internet and reconnect with your loved ones.
  5. Do I have to pay for parking?
    No charges will be applied for parking. Feel free to park your car in our parking area.
  6. Can I bring outside food into the glamping?
    Yes, you can bring outside food and you may also use the refrigerator provided at our pantry to store your food. Eating should take place only at our dining area unless any events occur.
  7. Are there mosquitoes?
    Camping in nature is incomplete without some insect disturbance. Therefore, we encourage you to bring your preferred insect repellent for your own comfort.
  8. How far are the toilets from the glamping site?
    The toilets are located at our main building and just few steps away from Camp A.
  9. Are there any person to guide you for ATV?
    If you are a first timer, our staff will be there to assist you. Enjoy your ride!
  10. Can I bring my own BBQ Pit?
    Yes, you can bring your own BBQ Pit but if you prefer less hassle, our BBQ Pit is ready for rental at a reasonable rate.
  11. Are there any extra fees for each activities?
    All activity fees are already included in your reservation. Therefore, you may enjoy all activities once check-in is done. Have fun!
  12. Is swimwear compulsory for the swimming pool?
    You are free to wear any outfit that is proper and suitable for a swim.
  13. Do I have to make booking first or is walk in reservation available?
    Every reservation should go through website booking first.
  14. What are the maximum number of people allowed in the glamping area at one time?
    We have limit a total of 40 people in the glamping area at one time.
  15. Can I bring along my pets (cat, etc.)?
    As much as we love pets ourselves, we do not allow pets in our glamping area.