We sell experiences and that is exactly what you are going to attain.

Kid-Friendly Water Play
Families with toddlers do not have to worry about river water being too deep because ours is just about ankle length. You may also want to refresh by taking a dip in our small scale above-ground pool water.

Happy Playful Zone
Free your kids by letting them have fun at our playground while you quench your thirst at our nearby cafe and still watch your kids play from the comfort of your seat.

Go Pedalling around Kampung
Leave the concrete jungle and find green break through cycling – a healthy and low impact form of exercise suitable for all ages. Enjoy the uphill and downhill rush as you cycle around Kg. Gaing.

Good-Time Adventure Ride
Escape the bustling city, discover ways to cleanse stress by joining in the ATV ride on a fun route, an easy track with greenery view, ideal for first timers and family with small children.

Once Upon Tabletop Games
From board games, card games, dice games and block games, we bring back the famous indoor games that are normally played back in 90s like Scrabble, UNO and Jenga.

Ready, Aim, Release
Whether you’re a complete beginner or think yourself as an expert archer, our archery arena provides an ideal setting to put your archery skill to test. Come and hit the bullseye.

A Table for Two or Four
Clear your mind and get socially interact with your opponent here on one-to-one or double pingpong game. Step away from the screen and try out this highly aerobic sport great for your mind-body stimulation.

Movie under the Moonlight
With the sound of crickets as background, our outdoor cinema features a plank white screen and a basic sound system enough to offer a different kind of entertainment experience for you to enjoy.

Hello, down there!
Challenge yourself to climb up our steep stairs of a humble tree house by the sandcourt. It may seems tiny but it is enough to capture hearts of many, especially those who loves exploring.

Keep Calm and Fire On
Reminisce good old memories with your family and friends at night by sitting around our campfire. You may also enjoy some tasty grilled barbecues while you are at it too.

One Court for All
With court area measuring 28x28m, our sandcourt is a perfect facility for outdoor sport like beach volleyball, beach tennis, beach soccer and sepak takraw. A perfect venue too for beach-themed events.